Energy Storage Systems(ESS) and Grid Balancing

The UK Grid is planning to increase its ESS capacity

Distributed power production
and storage system for Power Management


As part of both the UK's and all countries move from the power station model to a more distributed power production

and storage system for power management, large scale ESS / battery is happening now.

Their is growing reliance on more ‘power’ in all sectors

Clients investments in ESS for Grid balancing and power

ROI's are at 15% and the whole operation once installed is run by National Grid with minimal if no involvement by clients. 

Effectively Clients investments in ESS for Grid balancing and power are like a stock market investment at 15% year on year.

 Battery life is 25 years.

Grid Balancing / ESS Clients

Grid Balancing ESS Battery Storage

  • 1MW or more of available Grid point
  • Pylons or overhead power lines on site or across land.   
  • We work in partnership with a Heat and Power distributor for the Worlds biggest battery manufacturer ‘BYD’ of China.

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