We offer a bespoke service, working with agreed core values providing transparency and always treating our customers fairly. We are able to provide energy quotes directly from 35 business energy suppliers including the "big 6". We are highly competitive, catering for all sizes of businesses, charities, and organisations in the UK. 

We offer a professional service, providing expert and accurate advice. Our proposals are well explained, providing at least three supplier cost comparisons. We work with trusted suppliers that are able to offer flexibility and a wide range of options to suit businesses in today's energy market.      

Our main objective is to understand your needs and requirements with overall aim of cutting your energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint. Utility Works wish to provide organisations with the control to reduce their energy costs by taking a proactive and efficient approach to buying energy. 

Our trusted panel of energy suppliers offer contracts to all sizes of business and industry. This includes highly competitive Fixed, Complete, Standard, Pass-Through and Flex Contracts suited to low and high consuming businesses. 

In order to fulfil our company objectives on behalf of our clients, Utility Works provide an independent, impartial service and most importantly offer transparent advice for products and services. In order to be remunerated for our services and energy solutions we offer three options to all our clients. Please see our fees page.

Peter Crozier and Mark Crozier, Directors at Utility Works Ltd

Peter Crozier and Mark Crozier, Directors at Utility Works Ltd