Site Works Installations

Hassle Free / Low Cost Solutions....

We provide competitive prices, providing formal quotations and provide transparent communication

We will liaise with all third parties ensuring the job proceeds as smoothly  as possible. We will get you the most competitive prices, providing formal quotations to ensure that our customers are fully aware of the process.

Site Works Lead Times....

Utility Works Ltd - Site Works Lead Times for Electric and Gas Installations

Site Works can install any standard meters within 10 -15 days and the supply contract(s) are not designated to just one energy supplier. 

Site Work Specialists

What we can do for you....

Gas – Domestic, Commercial & Industrial

  • New connection
  • Upgrades, downgrades,
  • Disconnection, alterations, 
  • Mains diversions
  • Meter Installs, Removals,
  • Upgrades, Downgrades, 
  • Diaphragm meters, rotary & turbine  

Electric – Domestic, Commercial & Industrial

  • New connection, 
  • Upgrades, downgrades,
  • Disconnection, alterations,
  • Mains cable diversions,
  • Temporary supplies 
  • Meter Installs 
  • MOP Contracts


Whether it's a job as simple as installing a standard U6 meter or as complex as organising Gas Electricity connections to a large building development, our team are here to use their knowledge & experience to ensure you get the cheapest, most hassle free solution every time.

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